TECI has been founded with the following objectives:

Research: commission research on sectoral issues that can help promote long-term, balanced growth of India’s Internet economy.

Policy Advocacy: Work collaboratively with the government and other stakeholders to recommend policy measures aligned with India’s strategic needs, including supporting the growth of India’s gig economy.

Support capacity creation for a self-reliant, deeply-networked Indian Internet sector including supporting existing MSMEs to embrace the vast & growing digital opportunity.

Making e-businesses easier: pursue industry issues like harmonisation of laws for digital businesses, online dispute resolution (ODR), data and privacy protocols, promote industry best practices for returns, refunds, progressive consumer protection measures etc. 

Promote Self-Governance Norms: Help devise protocols that allow the sector to serve all stakeholders – society, buyers, sellers, value chain partners, other users and the government in a just and equitable way.

Industry Best Practices: Define and encourage the use of industry best practices relating to users (buyers and sellers) in terms of data privacy, communication protocols, returns, refunds, payment processes, resolution of disputes and other relevant issues.

Articulate voice of Industry: Provide thought leadership for the e-businesses sector and articulate the voice of the sector in the media, at industry events and in industry consultations with the government.

Collaboration: With trade bodies and think tanks in India and outside to further the objectives of the association.